Heat Shrinkable closure "Koschem" Brand, that is the heat shrinkable closure closed type with heatshrink sleev for telephone copper cable. Suitable to cable joint or branch joint protection, include 4 layer of sleeve are PE, fiberglass, Aluminum foil and reinforce sleeve. The product is tested and approved by TOT public company which is the Telephone Telecommunication of Thailand organization , its had 2 type are,
  - KOS550 (excluding External Ground)
  - KOS550 G (including External Ground) 

1. Heat shrinkable Closure Sleeve (Reinforce & Wrap around sleeve)
2. Metal canister
3. Channel and connector (for more than 2 channels)
4.Grounding wire
5. Sand paper
6. Aluminum tape (for metal canister)
7. Aluminum tape (for cacle)
8. Cleaning tissue
9. Silica gel


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