HD4 Testset


SKU : Depaepe-HD4

HD4 is Telecom testsets and designed to meet the tough demands of telecom and security professionals.

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- Line polarity indicator
- High impedance monitor mode (>6 KOhms)
- Built in electronic ringer
- Last number redial (23 digits)
- Mute key
- Overvoltage protection
- Hook flash
- Tone and pulse dialing.
- Modular line cord.
- Spring loaded belt clip.
- Exclusive non slip pad for shoulder rest.
- Easy and protected access to cord and battery field replacement.

Specially designed for use by installers, security personnel, repair technicians and other telecommunications personnel for installation and maintenance of telephone and security services, the Series 4 and Series 6 are professional tools that will meet the toughest demands of the field use.

Design and construction refer to quality and reliability :

Impact resistant "thermoplastic" shells secured by 5 screws to withstand most severe treatments.

Rubber gasket for rain and humidity protection.

Ergonomic shape allowing one hand operation.

Modular line cord for an easier field change terminated by bananas and clips.

Strain relief design to eliminate separaion of the cordset from the test set and to avoid defective contacts.

Cover protection of the modular connection to prevent from dust and corrosion.

Spring loaded large belt clip.

High or very impedance monitor mode.

Electronic ringer.

Microphone mute key for noisy locations.

Leds polarity indication.

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