Measuring Wheel 2 fold - Analog


SKU : BI-MW10012503

Analog measuring wheel used for measuring distances in survey work Such as cable conduit lines, distance between electric pole etc.


Distance measuring wheel is also known as mechanical rangefinder car, digital display measuring wheel,and measure wheel. wheeled rangefinder is designed for outdoor distance measurement designed and manufactured for a variety of ground conditions, including hills, meadows, rugged construction sites and so on. lightweight design allows field workers to carry very convenient , greatly reducing the work fatigue. measurement range of the product 0-9999.9 m , reached domestic leading level. large digital display system makes clear clear and accurate readings , and to install a night display lighting system to facilitate in poor light conditions of use ; folding steel tubular handle bars greatly reduced the volume of storage and handling ; using lightweight and flexible, durable ; therefore been widely used in professional surveying and mapping activities, roadworks , pipeline laying , cable engineering, construction work measurement and evaluation , garden landscape and golf course construction survey , traffic accidents from the position measurement , and measurement of farmland construction management , etc. , and its time-saving advantages are increasingly easy the more industry sectors are discovered and exploited .

Big wheel                                                               
Material             : steel and plastic
Measuring range   : 9999.9 m
Wheel diameter   :318 mm
Accuracy            : ±0.5% about 0.1m  
Measurement unit : meter  
Environmental temperature: -10℃~45℃ 
Precision of measurement: ≥99%

Use the information
1. According to the instructions prior to measurement, the counter to zero.Put the wheel flat counter displays 0000.0 meters.
2. If the measure in a straight line, go straight to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
3. Do not measure the jagged surface, will reduce the accuracy of measurement.
4. Don't measure in the rain for a long time.
5. Don't in the environment of high temperature measurement, do not store in high temperature place.
6. Do not use the instrument as children toys, avoid unnecessary damage.

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