HD-2000 Wall Telephone with keypad


SKU : HD2000wall-key



The HD2000 is the third generation of the HD wall telephone series. Famous for their unique design that firmly secures the handset to the base, those telephones will perfectly operate in the most demanding conditions such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, museums, public locations, security posts, control rooms, hotels, submarines... etc

Magnetic hook switch improves reliability and security.

The new improved design features 2 red Leds located on each side of the base : they draw the attention on incoming calls or inform when voice mail messages are waiting (PABX feature).

Standards models come with 16 keys keypad, receiver and ringer volume level adjustment, data port.

Technical Specification

• 2 call signal leds
• Ringer high - low - off selection
• Ajustable receive level,
• Micro phone mute key
• Waiting message led (revered polarity, high voltage DC current, ringing current).
• Data port
• Adjustable hook flash duration (100 - 300 ms)
• Tone or pulse dialling
• Redial key
• Optional desk mount kit.cation

Download for specification

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